Luxury cruise in Croatia

Many people can’t afford to buy a yacht, but that’s not a problem. Why would you buy it if you can rent it for a while during your holiday? Certainly, at least one week on luxury yachts in Croatia will be enough. Not every day we have an opportunity to visit the Croatian coast and that is the reason why we should enjoy luxury yachts and sail to the maximum. 

Buy or rent

If you spend a maximum of three weeks on a boat, it is obvious that you will not consider buying a yacht. When you consider the costs that luxury yachts for rent include, renting a yacht is more convenient for you than buying it. If you are interested in luxury yachts, then it will be more economical for you to rent it. Luxury sailing in Croatia is more about prestige and status in society. Even though investing in sailboats or catamarans has become quite trendy lately, you can take advantage of the offer of different companies and rent and try the yacht firstly. If you decide to invest in your own luxury yacht, experienced professionals (for example from will be happy to help you with a boat selection and its integration into a charter fleed for commercial chartering. 

Choosing a modern yacht

Choosing the right yacht can sometimes be a difficult task, especially if you don’t know what to expect and how to manage it. It is also important to note that if you sail on the boat and something accidentally breaks down, you will not be able to get out of it so easily like out of a car. With a boat, you have to sail to the port and moor. Without experience and good skills, you would hardly get anywhere. Luxury yachts in Croatia are more difficult to operate because they have more features and more options for managing. Therefore, choose a boat from certified professional who will not charge you for any damage that you didn’t cause.

Sailboat or powerboat

True sea yachting represents sailing, which is not based on the motor, but wind power. Luxury sailing in Croatia, however, place higher demands on choice and the number of crews. Sailing at sea takes more time. Luxury yachts are designed for people who enjoy adventure and can manage more adrenaline situations. Motor yachts are different in the way they sail. Motor glides achieve higher speed at sea, need powerful engines that require significantly higher fuel consumption. Sailboats, however, represent sporting and carefree sailing at sea.